Seaview Predator Park was founded in the mid 1970’s and purchased by the current owners, Janice and Rusty Gibb, in the late 1990’s.  Their hope was, and still remains, to raise wildlife awareness, within the local community, and to preserve indigenous and endangered non-indigenous animals, especially those with depleting numbers and in danger of extinction.


Since the 1970’s, the population of wild lions in Africa has decreased by more than 80%, due to poaching, reduction of natural habitats, and diseases such as Tuberculosis and Feline Aids.


Seaview Predator Park previously had a selective breeding programme, which was to ensure healthy, defect-free bloodlines, whose progeny could possibly, one day, be returned to the wild. The park, while no longer breeding lions since 2010, is still prepared to donate a pride of lions to a monitored re-introductory programme.


Seaview Predator Park is now primarily a Wildlife Educational Park which promotes conservation to day visitors, VIP tours, school tours and through its volunteering programmes.

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