Ziggy the Porcupine….

September 2013

One of the locals brought us a porcupine to release on the property. It was a smooth release and she is now happy in her new home.
She was named Ziggy.

Thelma and Louise rehabilitated and moving on...

July 2013

Thelma & Louise were brought in by Nature Conservation after their parents got killed by hunting dogs and the farmers kids refused to let the surviving pups share the same future. Over time, they became less camera shy, with volunteers spending a good part of the day with them in their enclosure during animal time.

Even though they have been spotted every now and then, the two are still very illusive meaning they will do well on their own.

Now that they have grown up happy and healthy, they are ready to leave their enclosure in their own time. In the following weeks we left their gate open for them to make their way out independently and begin their next adventure! It took the girl 2- 3 days to move and been spotted at the park many times since.

Dexter, Timmy and Pancake

Common Name: Meerkats

Scientific Name: Suricata suricatta

Dexter D.O.B.: 12/1/2011

Timmy D.O.B.: 14/2/2011

Dexter came to Seaview as a rescue case once their owners realised that although they are very cute and cuddly, they make for poor house pets. We received Dexter in December 2013 and he loves all the attention he can get.Timmy was brought to Seaview by a local farmer who found him on his property after a bad thunderstorm. He's a little more shy and reserved.

Pancake came to the park in February 2015 after she'd been kept as a pet and the owner had to move to a new home. As meerkats have a matriarchal system, Pancake being the only female, has taken the dominant role between the three.


Common Name: Bush Pig

Scientific Name: Potamochoerus larvatus

D.O.B.: 18/2/2003

Mube arrived at Seaview when a local farmer found a 2-day old bush pig on his property.
He was originally a free-roaming animal in the park but we quickly found out he was being an escape artist and getting into neighbouring properties, risking getting shot.
He has been in an enclosure in our sanctuary area for many years now and loves his daily visits from volunteers. In an attempt to watch his weight, he follows a vegetarian diet consisting of food scraps that come out of our restaurant, and from time to time a meat-feed as a treat.
He spends his time digging and excavating his enclosure. His all-time favourite thing is getting scratches on his belly; he even rolls over on his side!

Hootie & Tootie spreading their wings…

April 2014

While volunteers were busy clearing up the fence line at the adult lion and tigers enclosures they noticed two owl chicks that fell out of the nest and were hiding on the ground in a little hole at the bottom of the tree.
We left the chicks there overnight with a camera trap to see if the mommy will come back. After reviewing the photos the next morning with no sign of mommy stopping by, we decided that for the chicks safety we must take them in to ensure their survival as they were extremely exposed and in high risk of turning into caracal dinner. The babies, named Hoottie and Tootie, are doing great! And they just LOVE their mice meals!
It took about 5 month to release Hottie & Tootie, but once we saw how well they are flying and how quick they are to catch mice & lezards- we knew the time to say goodbye has arrived. The two were released and doing well on their own (although hootie still come by from time to time, asking for some meet- she gets fed and flies back out. Tootie made the main’s house roof his home, where he sits at night.

Farewell to Felix…

February 2014

We received Felix after a member of the public called and told us someone is trying to sell a bird of prey at one of the local liquor stores.
We rushed there and were able to convince his “owner” to hand him over to us. After a few months at the Seaview Predator Park Wildlife Sanctuary, going through rehabilitation and getting stronger by the day, last week's Wednesday was Felix's last day in captivity.
Together with staff and volunteer we took Felix to our Forest Drive area where he was successfully released back to the wild. That night we came back and left food for him but he never touched it. We spotted him in the area a few times since and looks like he is happily living the dream - great job Felix, we are all proud of you and wish you luck in your new journey!

Oui Oui’s Release

December 2013

About 18 months ago we received 5 rescued owls - the barn owls Godfrey, Gertrude and Gizmo and our 2 spotted Eagle Owls, Owleen & Oui Oui.
Earlier this year we were able to release 4 out of the 5 with poor Oui Oui not being able to join her friends as her flight feathers didn't developed properly. Oui Oui was relocated to a bigger enclosure and has had constant rehabilitation sessions to try and help her reach the required state of being able to fly.
Over 6 months have past and finally, a few days ago Oui Oui decided she was ready to spread her wings and fly. Oui Oui flew up and around for a few times, she kept coming back but by her 5th round of flying she decided she was comfortable enough to fly away. Oui Oui didn't go too far so we are still able to monitor her as she stays around the Boma area. She got fed on her 1st night out but has been taking care of herself ever since.
We wish Oui Oui all the best as she starts this new chapter in her life and will hopefully be able to post photos of her wild living later on.

Felix the Falcon…

November, 2013

In November 2013 we received a call from a local bottle store informing us that someone was trying to sell a baby Falcon out the front of their store for cash.
The store owners kept the Falcon inside for us to collect and bring back to the park. Felix is now happy in his enclosure and will remain here with us until he is strong enough to fly out on his own.

Meet Dobby….

October, 2013

A concerned farmer called the park. His sister found a baby baboon tossed on the side of a road in a plastic bag covered in feces with some powdered substance as its food. We were lucky enough that the farmers parents were on their way to P.E and were able to bring the baby over 500km to the park.
We are happy to introduce Dobby, a 6 week old baboon boy that stayed with us for a short while to recover from his trauma and since then been relocated to the C.A.R.E baboon sanctuary where he will be rehabilitated and socialize with other baboons. While at the park, our interns monitored him throughout the day and took care of his every need..


November 2012

We were given a Red Tailed Boa snake after she had been confiscated from someone who was mistreating and abusing her.
We have named her Jessibel, and provided a nice and safe home for her here at Seaview. She is only about 5 months old and already enjoying her new house and roommate Monique - our other resident Red Tailed Boa.

Desert Baby…

November 2012

We received a call about a horse collection. When we arrived at the farm we discovered a perfectly healthy horse that the farmer couldn't care for anymore. Seaview decided to rescue the horse and rehome her with the owners blessing, and they agreed to donate her to us.
The volunteers took her on daily walks and cared for her on a daily basis. In January 2015 she moved to another farm that had a larger area to meet her size and grazing needs. It was sad to see her go, but staff and volunteers were happy knowing she is at a good home.