Keegan, Hannah and Petrus

Common Name: Nile Crocodiles

Scientific Name: Crocodylus niloticus

D.O.B.: 20/8/2012

Keegan, Petrus and Hannah are named after a staff member, a volunteer, and a little girl who is very close to park’s heart.
The crocs were given to Seaview by Cango Wildlife Ranch after they took our 10-year-old 2m long Nile Crocodile, Chris, who became much too big for his enclosure.
These crocs will be moved to a bigger enclosure as they grow older.
They always have one muddy dam to allow them to hide underwater and one fresh dam in case they just want to relax.
Keegan used to be the biggest one out of the tree, but Petrus seems to have taken over. Keegan is still the calmest one out of the three.