Common Name: Africa Lion

Scientific Name: Panthera leo

D.O.B.: 28/12/1998

Nebbie was a few months old when he came to the park. He was brought to Seaview by Nature Conservation after it was brought to their attention that his owners were keeping him illegally and he was being mistreated. Shortly after Nebbie’s arrival, we discovered that he originated from the Timbavati region outside Kruger where white lions naturally occur.
In the hopes that he was a carrier of the white gene, Nebbie got a white female as his mate and fathered the first white cubs born in the Eastern Cape: Thor and Lily White. Nebbie’s grandfather also holds the record for the second largest lion skull found. Nebbie is known for his calm nature and good personality.

Thor & Lily White

Common Name: African Lion - White Lion

Scientific Name: Panthera leo krugeri

D.O.B: 10/11/2002

Thor was the first white lion to be born in the Eastern Cape, here at Seaview. He is the father of our ‘pride’. Thor loves to pose for photos - no doubt admiring his own beauty. You may recognize him as our ‘face’ of Seaview.
Lily White is sister to Thor. Often times she keeps to herself and likes to hide in the tall grasses and bush in her enclosure only to come out when it’s time for dinner! We like to keep Thor and Lily White in close proximity to one other, but in separate enclosures to ensure they also get to enjoy their own space.

Amber, Or and Judah

Amber/Or D.O.B.: 14/9/2011
Judah D.O.B.: 24/1/2012

Amber & Or have the perfect sisterhood; they are so much alike and completely different at the same time.


Or is the “macho” looking one while Amber is all girly girl. You can tell them apart by their front legs; Or has stripes and Amber doesn’t, and by their tails; Or has perfect rings while Amber doesn’t.

Judah is the only male in this enclosure and his size and massiveness tells him apart straight away.

If you still can’t find Judah, then you should look for the one with the floppy ear. As cubs, Or & Amber smacked him against the head and accidently hit his ear which caused an internal bleeding which separated the two “walls” of his ear. Judah went through minor surgery to attach the two sides back together but his ear will forever stay floppy.


We don’t mind as it doesn’t affect him in any way and by now is part of his loving, calm, strong personality. Judah was neutered to prevent any inbreeding from taking place between him and his sisters.

Noam and Tom

Common Name: African Lion

Scientific Name: Panthera leo krugeri

DOB: 5/4/2010

Noam and Tom are two of our most beautiful cats in the park. Sons to Thor, and brothers to Carrie and Ofir (Fufa), these two lions add so much charisma to the park as a whole. Noam is the dominant male in the group, has the lighter mane, and can often be found stalking anyone or anything that comes near his enclosure. He had a calmer nature than Tom as a cub, but as they matured, Noam and Tom swapped roles. Noam is now the wilder and more independent of the two. As a cub, he was the biggest, and known as the ‘ugly duckling’ of the litter!

Tom has the darker, fuller mane and he used to be the naughty child. As they grew older, Tom settled down.


Ofir & Carrie

Common Name: African Lion

Scientific Name: Panthera leo krugeri

D.O.B: 5/4/2010

Carrie and Ofir are also children of Thor, and sisters to Noam and Tom. Ofir, known as Fufa by staff and volunteers, has always been a proper lioness: quick thinking, independent, and self-assured. She is very selective as to whom she likes and dislikes, and has quite a snobbish personality.

Carrie is the smaller, darker female with the wide nose and stumpy legs.


Commom Name: White Bengal Tiger

Scientific Name: Panthera tigris tigris

D.O.B. 02/12/2012

Ice was an ugly duckling that turned into a beautiful ice queen. She has a very strong personality and stands her ground. She knows her limits well but always tries to push boundaries.
She is a very polite eater but once she is eating she does not care for company.

Ice is the park’s very first white Bengal.


Common Name: Siberian Tiger

Scientific Name: Panthera tigris altaica

Marinka D.O.B.: 30/9/2002

Marinka (pictured with old roommate Ruby) was brought in together with Luca & Lacy. They were the first non-African animals the park took in, in the early 2000’s. The three came from a different park in South Africa after being malnourished and poorly treated by a place that just couldn’t afford to support them.

Since all three are stud book registered, we were able to breed 4 litters out of them (2 from Marinka and 2 from Lacy). Along the years, Luca & Lacy moved on to other breeding programs to spread the gene pool, but old lady Marinka will retire here at the park. Often times you can see her bathing in her dam or hiding in the trees. 


Common Name: Siberian Tiger

Scientific Name: Panthera tigris altaica

D.O.B.: 24/1/2012


Ruby is Judah’s sister and Lacy’s daughter. She was part of “The 8”- a group of 4 Siberian Tigers & 4 Lions born in 2011-2012. In mid-2013, Ruby, nicknamed “Mousey”, who was always the smallest one, broke her leg after some rough and tumble with the rest of the gang. Ruby had to undergo a very tricky and risky operation to try and save her leg and her life. She has three metal plates and one long pin holding her front left leg together. She had to go through almost 6 months of rehabilitation and it was a fragile healing process. Staff and interns looked after her closely during this time.

When the vet finally gave his “okay” for Ruby to return to a large enclosure, she was given her her own space as she had shown us that she preferred to have her own space. Even though she grew up with multiple other cats around her, she seems to be the most loving and playful cat on her own with toys such as a seesaw and a nice platform all to herself!

Shosho & Faye

Common Name: Siberian Tiger

Scientific Name: Panthera tigris altaica

D.O.B.: 28/12/2009

Brother and sister from the same litter, Shosho and Faye were the third litter to be born at the park. Their mother is Marinka.

Shosho and Faye are stud book registered and acknowledged by the international tiger committee.

Faye resembles her older sister Sasha with her naughty active nature.

Shosho is a “typical” male: lazy, relaxed, and carefree. By the age of three, Shosho was already bigger than his father, Luca. As the pair grows older, Shosho seems to become more territorial while Faye is calming down.

As Shosho and Faye are brother and sister, Shosho has been neutered in order to ensure no inter-breeding takes place.

The "J's"

Common Name: Africa Lion/ White Lion

Scientific Name: Panthera leo/ Panthera leo krugeri

D.O.B. 16/10/2011

Judith is the only female in this group. She is definitely the smart one of the liter and the leader of the boys.
Judith is very independent and territorial and tends to be a bit of a bully if she has an opportunity to do so.
Joseph is our impressive big white male. He is the charismatic one of the group and knows his place in the top of the food chain. He has the most impressive mane and feels secure about his place, so he tends to be calm and easy going.
Josh is the tall light brown male with the big forehead. As Josh grew older he turned into more of a loner and he is the quiet-wild one.
Jason was the baby one, always having something to say, and always getting the most food. He is still a very gentle soul. He is the dark brown male with the short stumpy legs and the beautiful long mane.
Judith was spayed so no inbreeding will take place.

Mrs. White

Common Name: African Lion - White Lion

Scientific Name: Panthera leo krugeri

D.O.B: 24.06.2002

She was brought to the park many years ago as part of a new bloodline, but since we have ceased breeding, she will retire here at the park. Mrs. White is a very light-weight, agile lioness, very quick with her movements and quite an aggressive female. She particularly likes when she may catch a rat to play with and have a quick snack. She is happy to be on her own and tends to fight with other females so we make sure she has no one around to disturb her peaceful life.

Savannah & Sahara

Common Name: Africa Lion

Scientific Name: Panthera leo

D.O.B.: 12/09/2001

Savannah and Sahara are sisters, sharing a very close bond. Savannah is lighter in color and Sahara has the big beautiful eyes.
Sahara is more easy going and talkative than her sister but when it comes to feeding time she is the boss, eating first and having her pick at the best piece of meat.
Savannah & Nebbie are the parents of the very last litter Seaview has - “The J’s”!


Common Name: African Lion - White Lion

Scientific Name: Panthera leo krugeri

D.O.B. 19/12/2012

Igor is our over the moon dramatic boy, very talkative and always has something to complain about.


Igor loves any attention you are willing to give him although he likes to be left alone when it's lunch time. As he gets older, he is starting to grow into his big ears and his mane is coming in making him quite the handsome cat.

Jade & Jasper

Common Name: Siberian Tiger

Scientific Name: Panthera tigris altaica

D.O.B.: 16/6/2013

Jade, Jasper, and Coconut have been staff and volunteer favourites here at Seaview ever since they were little. Siberian tiger siblings Jasper and Jade are both the epitome of masculine and feminine, respectively.
We like to refer to Jasper as our gentle giant because of his extremely laidback attitude and large size. When not running around with Jade and Coconut, Jasper loves cooling off in his water dam and sleep.
Jade has always been a bit sassier than the others and is definitely the dominant of the three. She loves to play and run, especially with her brother. You can tell the difference between Jasper and Jade by their faces and size; Jade’s eyes are closer together and Jasper is much bigger than Jade in his face and body.


Common Name: Africa Lion

Scientific Name: Panthera leo

D.O.B.: 20/6/2013

Coco, short for Coconut is extra loving, affectionate and in constant need of attention and companionship. She is the first one to greet and the last one to walk away. She loves playing with any toy she can find, and will often chase her roommates around the whole enclosure.

She is a very talkative girl that drops everyone to their knees with her beautiful extraordinary dark eyes and innocent look.


Common Name: Golden Bengal Tiger

Scientific Name: Panthera tigris tigris

D.O.B.: 28/10/2013

In an effort to educate the public about all different types of tigers, Seaview welcomed Ziggy as our first Golden Bengal Tiger.

Ziggy has always been a very active and playful tiger, and she enjoys rolling around in her dam while having water from the hose squirted into her mouth. As soon as her oversized scratching post was put in her enclosure, she climbed right to the top and loved every minute of it! 

Brandy & Bruno

Common Name: Brown Hyenas

Scientific Name: Hyaena brunnea

D.O.B 9/12/2013

Bruno and Brandy are our adorable shaggy-haired Brown Hyenas.

Both LOVE to dig all day long and make the largest dens they can construct. This brother and sister love playing tug-of-war with anything they find and are always very curious of people walking by their enclosure. You can tell the difference between the two by looking at the white coloring around their necks. Brandy has much more white, whereas Bruno has just a small amount.


Common Name: Black Leopard

Scientific Name: Panthera pardus

D.O.B.: 18/11/2011

Shadow was born prematurely and was brought to Seaview when he was a few months old. He was brought in to the park so visiting public can see a Black Leopard first-hand.
He is a very alert boy, always jumping around and having fun.
Black leopards are more commonly found in forestry areas with dense bush and so we made sure Shadow’s enclosure has lots of trees and shrubs to create a jungle-like feel for his liking.


Common Name: Caracal

Scientific Name: Caracal caracal

D.O.B.: 2/2/2002

Kenny is our oldest caracal at Seaview and is extremely loving.
He spends his days hiding in the bushes and getting chin scratches from volunteers.

Siyah & Sylvester

Common Name: Caracal

Scientific Name: Caracal caracal

D.O.B.: 14/8/2012

These two are very friendly and love the vast amount of attention they receive from volunteers and staff. Ever since they were young, they have had such a large love for human interactions. The minute you walk into their enclosure they will greet you at the door and then show off by running, jumping, and climbing up high in the trees! You can tell the difference between Siyah and Sylvester (pictured) because Sylvester, being the male, is much larger than Siyah.


Common Name: Caracal

Scientific Name: Caracal caracal

D.O.B.: 15/12/2013

Clark Kent was born to Siyah and Kenny and remains in the sanctuary area with his mother and uncle (Siyah and Sylvester). You can tell Clarke apart from his other roommates as he never seemed to grow out of his crossed eyes that give him the cutest face! 


Common Name: Puma, Mountain Lion, Cougar

Scientific Name: Puma concolor

D.O.B 01/03/2014

Blaze is our ladies man! As he is not indigenous to South Africa, many guests are amazed to see him. As a puma, he has the largest range in all the big cats in the world varying from the top of North America, all the way down to the tip of South America. Therefore, he is able to adapt to different environments very easily, which makes him the perfect fit for our park. He enjoys playing with his roommate, Shailoh, and he loves his food. Just like humans, Blaze has a special diet to ensure that he remains healthy.


Common Name: African Leopard

Scientific Name: Panthera pardus

D.O.B 26/03/2014

Shailoh is our very energetic and sneaky leopard. She enjoys running around and jumping in and out of the trees in her enclosure.  She is currently homed with her best friend Blaze, the puma, but will eventually have to be separated when they reach maturity so that they do not breed. They love to run and tackle one another. Shailoh's enclosure is right next to that of our Black Leopard, Shadow, allowing the public to see the difference between the two, which is such a great experience for many!