The internship program

The internship is a 12-week programme offered to those volunteers who'd like to learn more about the African bush, game management and wildlife in general.


As an intern, you will experience everything a volunteer does, as well as being mentored by a professional person, while taking part in research lectures and bushwalks – over and beyond those in which volunteers take part.


Every week, interns will research a different subject and at the end of the week, present this topic to the volunteers in order to educate and broaden their knowledge-base.


Interns will also be given other assignments including enrichment programmes, monitoring the recovery of an injured animal, helping the recovery process, designing enclosures for a new species to be introduced to the park, or parenting a young animal.


In some instances you can apply via your university and gain extra credits.


Interns will also be taught different farm tasks such as welding, fencing, building roads, removing alien vegetation etc. 


If you wish to read more about the internship programme or to apply for it, please email Seaview and request an application form.