Useful Information


  1. English is the spoken language by management and staff.  All volunteers must be able to communicate in English to partake in the project, fully and to ensure working instructions are clearly understood. 

  2. The Park is a Wildlife Educational Park introducing new wildlife species on a regular basis, as well as operating a wildlife sanctuary and rehabilitation centre.  The park will always have animals in need of care and attention but cannot guarantee the care of any specific young animals or species. 

  3. There is no need for any previous knowledge or experience with wild animals, to join the Seaview Predator Park volunteering or internship programme – everything required will be taught throughout your stay. 

  4. Volunteers are allocated 1 day off a week. However, when an extra day is needed, all that is required is to arrange it ahead of time with the volunteer coordinator. 

  5. Seaview Predator Park offers its volunteers a range of daily and overnight excursions, all accompanied by the volunteer host.  These excursions range from many different trips down the Garden Route (Bungee Jumping, Shark Diving, Whale Watching, etc.) or visiting the Addo Elephant Park. The different excursions and costs will be explained by the volunteer host upon arrival. 

  6. Once a week volunteers are taken out for a day: either on a Township Tour/ volunteering at a school for underprivileged children/ helping out at a village for mentally handicapped adults/together with a shopping trip and a scenic drive around Port Elizabeth. 

  7. Once a week volunteers are taken on a night out: Movie, Dinner, Karaoke etc.

  8. Wi-Fi is available to volunteers at the volunteer compound as well as at the restaurant area.  The cost is R150 for 1Gig and can be purchased at the restaurant. 

  9. Phone services are not available to volunteers but the staff are there to book and enquire about anything and everything on a volunteer’s behalf.  Another option will be for the volunteer to purchase a Sim card in SA, upon arrival, and charge it with local airtime. 

  10. Meals: Breakfast and lunch are cooked and served to volunteers.  Dinner is cooked by volunteers, for themselves or as a group – supplies are provided for volunteers. 

  11. Any health & dietary requirements will be attended to – as long as it has been brought to the Park’s attention on the application form, and specified to the host & co-ordinator upon arrival. 

  12. Laundry & cabin cleaning services are only provided to volunteers during week days.  All volunteers are expected to treat cabins with respect and keep their area neat and tidy. 

  13. The volunteer compound is located adjacent to the Big Cat area, within walking distance of the sanctuary area, and includes the following:

    1. 8 Volunteer wooden cabins; each can accommodate up to 4 volunteers (2 bunk beds in each room), toilet/shower, electricity, etc.

    2. Cabins are divided according to gender.

    3. Next to the cabins is a large communal, open plan, rustic cabin lounge with a smart flat screen TV, X-Box, DVD Player, Xbox, couches, coffee table as well as a fully equipped kitchen and an outside sitting and dining area. 

    4. We also have braai/BBQ facilities.

What to bring
  • Passport, travel document and travel insurance (it is best to make multiple copies of these items and keep them in separate places). 

  • Camera, charger and memory cards (you will be taking LOTS of photos!)

  • Cash, Credit Card

  • Notebook and pen 

  • Small backpack for daily use 

  • Water bottle 

  • Laundry bag 

  • Gardening gloves for working outside

  • Latex gloves for cutting meat

  • Working Clothes: shorts and long trousers (no need for more than 3-4 pairs in total). Sweaters/ sweatshirt (no need for more than 2), long sleeved shirts (no need for more than 3-4)

  • Going out clothes: 2 sets of smart casual clothes for your days off or for nights out on the town

  • Cabin clothes: 1 set of comfortable clothes to wear after working hours for relaxing or sitting around the fire. 

  • Rain coat/ fleece / sweater/ jacket as it can get quite cold at night

  • Trekking boots or running shoes 

  • Flip-flops or sandals 

  • Swimwear 

  • Hat and sunglasses 

  • Sunscreen

  • Insect repellent 

  • Hand cream (as your hands dry out from all the washing)

  • Toiletries and basic First Aid kit.

  • Personal medication 

  • Personal torch/ flashlight

  • Electrical Adapter for South Africa 

  • Alarm Clock 

  • Towel 

  • DVD’s (DVD player available at main cabin), pack of cards, games, books, etc.

  • Laptop Wi-Fi services are available up at the restaurant and at the cabins for a onetime cost of R150 (+- US$15) for 1 GB


For further details or to apply click here.