The Bethel Babes Educare Centre is situated in the middle of a notorious gang land in Gelvandale, Port Elizabeth.  Bethel Babes is a preschool catering for disadvantaged young children between 2 and 6 years of age.  Our volunteers have the opportunity to visit the centre to see the incredible work being done for these children under very difficult circumstances.  These visits also allow our volunteers to witness the hardships faced by many, in our community, and whilst it is a beautiful experience to meet and to interact with the children and their amazing teachers - it's also very humbling and an experience not easily forgotten.


The village school at the ‘Island Nature Reserve’, which adjoins Seaview Predator Park, is another school our volunteers visit. Here, volunteers read stories to the chiildren, take part in games, especially football, and help with ‘clean-ups,’ which encourages a litter-free environment.


We are always very grateful for any donations of food, clothes or school supplies given to these schools.


Seaview Predator Park sponsors visits and guided tours for disadvantaged communities and works closely with a number of local welfare organisations and programmes.